representing work in situ

Now I am happy with the commissioned piece "Tabletalk" so from my perspective it is done, time to install it over at Kathryn & Daryl's place!

I always bring along some touch-up paint in case anything has been damaged in transit a few tools and some hanging mechanisms just in case . We held the piece up against the wall leaving space for it to   "breathe"  , looking at the negative areas around the piece and trying to get the best height considering lamps, people who will be sitting at the table, angles from another room etc.. As  we were deliberating the topic of lighting came up, that amazing creator of mood and revealer of information. We discussed how to squeeze a fuller spectrum out of colours , draw focus and create mood. After living with the work in my studio context it is always interesting to see how it changes when placed in someone else's  living space.

I signed the piece while it was on the wall.

Not too pleased with this photo, though I like how it works in the flesh...the colours here seem too far from the original.. too ocher, but you get the idea…a place of honour in a beautiful room.


Kathryn with "Tabletalk" installed in her dining room

Kathryn with "Tabletalk" installed in her dining room